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  • You will see the reset pin hole on the back of it.
    You need to insert the paper clip in this and hold it down for 15-20 seconds.
    Now unplug your router from the wall socket and let go the reset button pin.
    Plug in your router back again and its reseted know.

  • There are two ways to reset Linksys EA7300 to factory defaults:
    Hardware Reset – Press and hold the Reset button at the back panel of the router for 10 seconds then release.
    Software Reset – Log in to your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account. Under Router Settings, click Troubleshooting > Diagnostics. Click Reset under Factory reset.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • -Remove all ethernet cables from the router first.
    -Locate reset button or pinhole on the router.
    -Press the reset button for 10 seconds to bring to factory default settings.
    -Wait for 1-2 minutes and setup it again.

  • At the back of your Linksys EA 7300, Yo will see a Reset button red in color.
    Note : You would need a paper clip or a pin to reset the router and the router should be ON during the process)
    > Press and hold the reset button down for at least 25- 30 seconds
    > Please make sure the lights on the router will start flashing
    > after you are done with the reset wait for at least 2 minutes before you start the setup again.

  • Use the following steps to factory default your EA7300 –
    > Remove all the Ethernet cables.
    > Make sure just the power cable is connected.
    > Now use a paperclip and hold it inside your routers reset hole for 30 seconds then release.
    > Now all the lights will go blank and start to come on by itself, you will see the solid power light ones the changes are done.
    NOTE: Never unplug your router when its resetting the settings or doing a Firmware upgrade.

Written by Miguel A. De Leon-Blanco
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