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  • In order to connect your Tp-Link to Amazon Echo Dot Alexa, please go through the following instructions:
    > Unbox your echo system from the box and plug it to the power
    > Download the app for your Alexa from the app store of your phone
    > Sign in to the app > drag the left panel of the app and click on settings you will see your alexa device name and it will say its offline
    > Click on your device name which is offline and then click on update wifi
    > Press and hold the action button on the alexa for 5 seconds and wait until the ring light on the echo system turn orange
    > Now without closing the app switch to the wifi settings of your phone and tap on your echo dot wifi and hit connect >Then once it tells you you are connected click on stay connected and switch back to the alexa app on your phone
    > It will show you the wifi list you need to select the TPlink wifi and then enter the password and you will hear a voice from your system telling you the setup is complete
    > Ask alexa to say something or ask like whats the temperature today and wait for the answer if you get the answer its hooked up.
    > If not check the volume button make sure its max on volume.
    > or press and hold the Action button on the system again for 5 seconds and it will tell you its out of setup mode wait for a few seconds and then press the action button again and try the above steps again

  • To configure your tp-link to Amazon echo dot kindly follow these steps:-
    1. Before we start please Create a Cloud Account for your TP-Link devices in the Kasa app to enable
    remote control of your devices.
    2. Sign in to Kasa using your Kasa account. Make sure your account is verified and all your smart
    devices are saved to your account.
    3. You need to enable Remote Control in Kasa for Alexa to discover your devices.
    4. Set good device names
    5. In the Alexa app, tap the menu button and then tap Smart Home.
    6. Tap on “Get More Smart Home Skills” to add the Kasa skill Go to Smart Home Skill
    7. Search for “Kasa” and, when found, tap the Kasa skill to enable it.
    8. Sign in to your Kasa account
    9. Tap “Discover Devices.” Alexa will search for your TP-Link Smart Devices.
    10.it might take few seconds for complete setup,but Once complete, you should see all your
    remote control-enabled devices in your Smart Home page.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

Written by Mark Rockwood
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