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  • To connect your Sony smart tv with asus router kindly follow these steps:-
    1.Hit the Home button on your TV remote.
    2.Select Settings > Network > Network Connections.
    3.Select Wireless.
    4.Click Start Connection.
    5. now you will see all available networks at your place.
    6. connect to your router network.
    7. It will ask your wireless network passphrase so kindly enter it with the help of remote.
    8. click on connect and it might take few seconds in order to connect.
    now your tv is wirelessly connected with your asus router.
    you can connect your tv with the help of ethernet cable as well but your tv should have ethernet port for this.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • In order to connect your tv to the ASUS Wireless, Please follow the instruction below:
    >Turn on the TV first
    > Press the Home Button on your remote
    > Using the arrow keys of your remote highlight the settings and press ok
    > Go to networks > Network Setup or connections
    > Connect wireless > Select your wifi name or SSID in the list the strongest one
    > it will ask you for the passphrase or security key , Put in the password for your Wifi
    > Hit OK, and wait until it says connection is OK and connected
    You can also connect the TC using the WIRELESS protected setup by pressing the WPS button on the Router and starting the WPS from the TV and you can also connect it using a ethernet cable from your Router.

  • Steps to configure Smart TV with wireless –

    1.Press Home Button on your remote controller.
    2.Use the directional key and go to settings.
    3.Select Network.
    4.Select Network settings.
    5.Choose Open connection setting.
    6.Select wireless.
    7.Select Your Host network.
    8.Put your Password.

    It will detect all the settings and will configure your smart tv.

Written by Ronnie
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