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  • Yes you can change the names of your extender and make it same.
    Then your extender will pick up and switch the signals of wireless automatically and adjust the speed also automatically.

  • Thanks for sharing your query with us , Yes you can keep same name for both the bands i.e 2.4 & 5ghz.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • By same you mean the same name of both bands? Let me tell you basic settings required-
    – You cannot make the same name for any wireless connection in your network.
    – You need to keep different names for each band on extender and router.
    – You can keep the same name but mention your frequency in the name that it is 2.4 or 5Ghz.
    – For Extender network always mention EXT in the name.
    – You can keep same passwords for every wireless network.

Written by sally suesurma
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