How can i transfer data from my phone to my laptop Computer

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How can i transfer data from my phone to the computer without data cable

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  • There are 2 Different ways that i know how we can transfer data from a phone to the computer without using a cable are:
    > Using the Bluetooth of the computer
    In this case you need to select the data that you want to transfer to the computer once the data is selected go to share using blue tooth, and then it will look for the blue tooth device you ill see the name of your computer select that and send files all you need to make sure is that the Bluetooth on the computer is on if its on you will see a receive file option you click on it and your computer will receive the data.
    > Using app like super beam, share it
    In this case you need to download an app called Shareit or Super beam and in the app you go and select your data you are trying to transfer and at the same time download the same app on the computer from the internet
    from the phone you click on send it will look for a nearby device you will see the name of your computer select that and transfer
    you will see the computer has recieving the data on it.


  • In 2018 we don’t need any cables to transfer data to our computer so, you’re in luck –

    There are various types of Smartphones out there but only few applications which lets you do file transfer.
    1. Google drive – In most of the android smartphones Google Drive application is Pre-installed, if not you can download it from the google Play Store. For IOS you can find Google drive application in the app store. You can simply upload your data from your Smartphone to your Google Drive and login into your computer to download your files from the Google Drive. It does not matter which smartphone you have Google Drive is available for all the platforms.
    2. WiFi File manager – You can take help of a simple and small application too. Download WiFi file manager from you play/app store and install it. Then make sure your computer and your Smartphone is connected on the same network. Now you need to open the IP address provided on your WiFi File manager application on your computer browser to view your phones storage.


  • There are several ways to transfer data from phone to laptop:-
    1.Cloud Sharing & Email.
    2.Copy To SD Card And Read From Your PC.
    3.Send Data To Windows From ES File Manager.
    4.Move Files From Phone To PC With AirDroid.
    5.You Can Even Use WiFi Direct.
    6.PC To Android Via Bluetooth.
    7.Transfer Files With A USB Cable.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.


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