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  • There are many causes that make it difficult for your Wi-Fi range extender from finding your wireless network. These may be caused by obstructions or your Wi-Fi range extender is not within the ideal range of your network.

    Most common reasons related to intermittent wireless connection:-
    Incorrect wireless settings
    Distance issues
    Traffic in connected devices
    Wireless interference
    Outdated firmware

    For more assistance call us at 1-800-603-4024 at 1-800-603-4024

  • We are not able to tell you the exact reason for this without troubleshooting it.
    You can try few troubleshooting steps might be that will resolve your issues.
    1.Power cycle your modem router and computer.
    2.Try to change the channels and frequencies of your router.
    3.Try to hard reset your extender.
    4. Try to configure your extender from any other device , tablet or pc .
    5.Try to change the browser and try to remove all the cookies of it .
    Still, if issues are not resolved you need to look out for technician or you can call us at 1800-603-4024 for further help.

  • As you have mentioned that your extender is not detecting with your router there can be several reasons:-
    1. extender is too far from router while doing setup.
    2. you are not following correct method for setup.
    3. Router is not properly configured.
    4. firmware might be issue for the above mentioned issue.
    there are many more reasons ,kindly give us a call back on 1-800-603-4024 for effective resolution.

Written by Joe Sias
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