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  • To reserve the address for your tivo device from router page kindly follow these steps:-
    Most networks are set up to have the router assign IP addresses to each device on the network. This ensures that each device has a unique IP address without the need to track these addresses. The TiVo software also allows you to give your TiVo device a Static IP address.
    1.Verify the IP addresses on your computer:
    Click the START button on the bottom left corner of your desktop. Type run in the search box. Click Run at the top of the Programs list. In the window that opens, type ipconfig /all.
    2.IP Address: Let me specify a Static IP address. Choose this to configure your Static IP address.
    3.Enter IP Address: Enter a Static IP address for the TiVo device. This address must be unique on your network. The first three sets of numbers of the address (192.168.1 in the illustration above, for example) must be the same as the first three sets in the IP address of your computer.
    The last number should be unique on your home network.
    4.Press Select on your remote when done.
    5.The Subnet Mask and Gateway address should be the same as the ones assigned to other devices on your network.
    Follow the on screen instructions and you are good to go.
    For any help free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • Well that Is a very good question , and i would love to answer this as well.
    First of all you need to know all the details of your wireless Router like IP Address, Subnet mask and Gateway.
    Then you can go to the network settings of your TV and need to enter the static Ip address for your Tivo device along with the subnet mask and default gateway and DNS.
    Save it on your tv and you will be ready to go.

Written by Robert greer
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