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  • Band Steering assigns wireless devices to the Wi-Fi band that can provide them with the best performance. This feature balances your Wi-Fi devices across all three bands effectively reducing co-channel interference and increasing the available bandwidth for dual-band clients as the 5 GHz has more channels. The router must have the latest firmware with All band steering support to enable this feature. It is recommended to use the default

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  • Band steering is a technology that detects whether or not the wireless client is dual-band capable, and if it is, it will push the client to connect to the less congested 5GHz network. It does this by actively blocking the client’s attempts to associate with the 2.4GHz network. Since both 802.11n and the latest 802.11ac standards support 5GHz band, band steering can ensure that they achieve their maximum performance without being bottle necked by legacy 802.11b/g clients.
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Written by Marylou Masters
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