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what is Ad hoc network?

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  • A wireless ad hoc network is a type of wireless network that doesn’t rely on a preexisting network. The phrase ad hoc is used to describe something that’s created for a singular purpose; therefore, a wireless ad hoc network can be thought of as a spontaneous wireless connection between computers for a temporary purpose, such as a file transfer.

    The important distinction is that an ad hoc network is decentralized. There is no particular device acting as the hub for wireless activity. In the case of an access point, the access point is the gateway through which all devices must connect into the network. In an ad hoc network, you can think of each participating device as an individual peer.
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  • An ad hoc network is a type of temporary computer-to-computer connection. In ad hoc mode, you can set up a wireless connection directly to another computer without having to connect to a Wi-Fi access point or router.
    Ad hoc networks are useful when you need to share files or other data directly with another computer but don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network.

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