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  • To resolve this problem kindly follow these steps:-
    1.Reboot the cable modem.
    2.Reboot the linksys router.
    3.Update the firmware of your router.
    4.Verify if signal is strong through the cable modem.
    5.uninstall the wireless adapter of your computer and restart your computer.
    by following these steps your problem will be resolved but if problem still persists kindly reset your router and re setup the device with fresh settings.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • 1. Check for the drivers in the machine and try to update them
    2. Check for firmware update
    3. Perform power cycle for good healthy amount of time
    4. Restart your router
    5. Check for channel for the network you are using or connected to ensure that the settings are fine

Written by Bill Maher
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