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  • 1.Physically connect the Powerline adapters
    2.From the computer directly connected by Ethernet cable to the adapter, run the CD
    3.When the installation is complete, click on Finish to exit the InstallShield Wizard.
    4.Once installed, you can click on the desktop Powerline Utility icon to launch the software.
    5.The Powerline Utility should automatically detect the adapter. Click OK to configure your device.
    6.If your adapter is connected to a router, the Powerline Utility will automatically retrieve the SSID (the name of the wireless network) and security type. Click on Copy the Router Setting to write your router settings to your adapter.

    1. Plug PWL 1000 adapter into a power outlet near your router.
    2. Use the supplied gray Ethernet cable to connect from the PWL 1000 adapter to a LAN port
    on your router so that the Power line network can gain access to the Internet. The Power
    and Ethernet LEDs on the Power line adapter should turn on.
    3. you need to wait for at least 1 minute here and after that you can check the lights on your
    adapter i.e power light , ethernet light , power line light.
    There is a different way as well (by wps method)
    Use WPS to Connect to Your Network
    To automatically connect to the PowerLINE access point using a WPS button:
    1. Press and hold the WPS button on the PowerLINE access point for
    two seconds and release it. The WiFi LED starts to blink.
    2. Press the WPS button on your WiFi device for two seconds and
    release it.
    When the WiFi LED stops blinking, your WiFi device is automatically
    connected to the Power LINE access point and you can surf the web.
    later on you can set security and customize the settings of your device as well .
    if problem still persists you can reset your device and re setup the device.
    To connect your sony bravia tv to wifi powerline adapter you need to follow these steps:-
    1.Press the HOME button, then select Settings.
    2.Select Network ? Network Set-up ? Set up network connection .
    3.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set-up.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

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