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  • As you have mentioned that you are not able to access internet even after installation of your extender ,you need to check few things here:-
    1. extender should be in range of your base router.
    2. check for the wireless interference if any kindly relocate your extender.
    3. extender should be directly plugged in to a wall socket kindly don’t use any surge protector or extension cord.
    4.extender should be properly configured with router.
    5.device on which you are trying to access should be connected to your extender network.
    If problem still persists reset your extender and reconfigure it with router with fresh settings.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • 1. Extender should be synced properly with the router
    2. It should be in range
    3. It should be located and placed in a position where there is no network interference Eg. Radio, TV, Fridge, Phone
    4. Ensure that the device you are trying to connect should be connected to the Extender’s network
    5. After following these steps you are good to go

Written by jessica
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