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  • 1. The ultimate visualization of network coverage
    2. Precise coverage analysis at any point/height of the building
    3. Mixed indoor/outdoor analysis


  • Some Belkin routers have two antennas – a horizontal and a vertical one.
    This allows wireless signals to be strong on horizontal and vertical directions.
    These types of routers create a 3D space or coverage for a consistent signal, even through walls and floors.
    Other Belkin routers have two horizontal antennas that create a strong signal on one direction only.
    Signal strength depends on which way these types of routers are facing.

    Belkin routers provide 3D coverage that gives an even coverage no matter which way the routers are facing.

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  • Thanks for sharing your query with us , 3D coverage means- Dual-plane antennas and MIMO technology provide three-dimensional whole-home coverage for consistent signal, even through walls and floors.
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Written by Chad Laxson
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