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My tv shows connected to wireless but i am not able to access the internet on it ......what should i do know?

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  • You can reset wireless settings on tv and configure it again.
    Reset wireless settings from tv then reboot it
    Now configure the wireless settings again and make sure all details are correct.
    If you still facing the problem feel free to dial us at 1-800-603-4024 and get it fixed from expertise..

  • -Press menu button on remote controller.
    -Go to system settings and choose reset to factory default.
    -Once reset is completed power cycle your router and Tv and setup it again.
    -Or changing channels on router can also help .
    -Connecting to 5Ghz wireless band also resolve such issue.

  • 1. Try resetting the settings
    2. Power cycle can also help (Router settings will go default)
    3. Change the bandwidth on the router and select different mode
    4. Test the functionality by changing the channels

  • As you have mentioned that you are not able to connect your vio smart tv with your router kindly reset the settings of your T.V first and follow these steps:-
    1. Your Smart Tv sholud be in range of your wireless network.
    2. Turn on your smart tv.
    3. Visit your Smart TV’s Network Settings, Network or Settings menu.
    4. Select the WiFi or Wireless option and wait for the device to scan for available wireless networks.
    5. Select your extender WiFi Network Name (also called an SSID) from the list of available networks.
    6. When prompted, enter the Password (also called a Network Key) using the keypad on the remote control handset.
    7. your smart tv is connected with your network now.
    For any help Feel Free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

Written by HENRY b
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