how do i access my computer from anywhere

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without remote connections how do i access any computer from different place

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  • If you want to access your PC files from anywhere then setting up a VPN or DDNS is best option available otherwise use any kind of remote access software like Teamviewer fully control your pc from other location .


  • There are several Ways to access your computer’s file from any where :-
    1.Use Remote Access or Remote Desktop Apps-One of the simplest ways to remotely access your computer is to use one of the many free or subscription-based programs that set up the connection for you.
    2.Share Files with a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Device-If you don’t need to remotely control or manage your home computer and just want to be able to access shared files over the Internet, you can use a NAS device ( NAS box) to do so.
    3.Add an External Hard Drive to Your Home Router.
    4.Set Up Your Own Home Server-Finally, if you don’t want to use a third-party solution and would rather set up your own VPN and server.
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