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  • WLAN is short form of Wireless Local Area Network. It is mainly an extension to the normal LAN with the advanced wireless devices. The wireless devices in WLAN network is referred as WLAN routers and WLAN Access points or WLAN stations. WLAN devices are developed according to IEEE 802.11 standards which include 11a,11b,11g,11n,11ac,11ad etc. This different flavors of the 802.11 standards are evolving to take care of more data rates and bandwidth.

    WiMAX is short form of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. WiMAX network consists of wi max base station and wi max subscriber stations. The locations of base stations are decided based on RF link budget and other factors similar to any GSM,CDMA cellular technologies. WiMAX devices are developed according to the IEEE standards 802.16-2004(i.e. 802.16d, OFDM) and 802.16e-2005(i.e. 802.16e,OFDMA). WiMAX supports data rate of about 70Mbps with higher modulation schemes such as QAM. 16d version of wimax is referred as fixed wimax and 16e version of wimax is referred as mobile wimax.
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  • A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a group of devices linked together by wireless within a relatively small space like a single office building or home. To create a WLAN, enterprises, small businesses, and home owners can purchase Wi-Fi certified Access Points (APs) and clients (laptops, phones, printers). Clients must be no more than a few hundred feet from the closest AP. Larger buildings can be covered by installing multiple APs that are connected to each other. Most WLANs are deployed indoors, but WLANs can also cover parking lots or courtyards or other local outdoor areas.

    WiMax is a certification applied to 802.16 products tested by the WiMAX Forum. Carriers build and operate WMANs by purchasing licensed spectrum and then deploying WiMAX base stations throughout a city, region, or other designated coverage area. To use the WMAN, subscribers must purchase wireless services from a carrier.


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