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  • :- VPN means Virtual Private Network, a technology that allows a secure tunnel to be created across a network such as the Internet.

    :- VPNs allow you to establish a secure dial-up connection to a remote server.

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  • VPN is used to create a secure, encrypted connection—which can be thought of as a tunnel—between your computer and a server operated by the VPN service.

    The protection provided by a VPN offers users many advantages. First and foremost, it prevents anyone on the same network access point (or anywhere else) from intercepting your web traffic.This is especially handy for travelers and for those using public Wi-Fi networks, such as web surfers at hotels, airports, and coffee shops. VPNs also cloak your computer’s actual IP address, making it harder for advertisers (or spies, or hackers) to track you online.

    VPN is the trending technology to connect over networks from anywhere and with secure connection.

  • VPN-Virtual Private Network
    Accessing hard drives, computing devices, printers, cameras, databases, intranet of a business via private or public network from a different geographical location is what VPN stands for.

  • VPN is a Virtual Private Network, a technology that extends a private network over a less secure network. It provides remote users secure access to their organization’s network so that they can send and receive data securely. Thus, it provides benefits of security, enhanced functionalities, and management policies of the private network.
    There are two most common types of VPNs:
    1.VPDN (Virtual Private Dial-up Network)
    2.Site-to-Site VPN
    A VPDN is a user-to-LAN connection, where faraway users connect with the enterprise LAN. For this, the employer needs to provide the software to the users so that they can easily reach the Network Access Server.
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Written by Peter M Camarco
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