can i answer phone calls on my laptop using wifi or bluetooth

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how does it work....?

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  • New Apple update for MAC can help you if you are using an apple computer only.It gives you a feature where you can make or receive a call from you MAC.You need to be on same wifi network and same Apple ID on both Smartphone and Mac .
    For windows computer there are lots of 3rd party applications which can do such task.But there is an inbuilt option where you can make calls.Google voice setup on your computer but you need to pay few bucks /Year .

  • A Big Yes, if you have Computer with wifi & bluetooth compatibility . So once you know you have these items ( most new computers come with ) All you need now is to open the computer and go to control panel , complete a pairing process between the computer and the phone . simply find the bluetooth on the computer turn it on and next turn on the bluetooth for the phone . Make a test call to your phone so that you can adjust volume.
    There are some third party softwares available as well so you can use them as well.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • Yes you can. Computer should be Wireless and Bluetooth compatible. Make sure the Wireless and Bluetooth are turned on.

Written by BRIAN condon
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