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  • There are no moving parts in this extender box, and therefore the biggest stress on it will be heat causing the acceleration of slow chemical changes in things like electrolytic capacitors and rapid changes in heat that add mechanical strain on the components and the electrical joints.

    So, if you allow it to be well ventilated and don’t power-cycle excessively, it will likely last a good long time and much longer than that warranty.


  • Heating is the main problem which will cause dis-functions and yes it will reduce the life of any electric device if it been working all the time.

    They can last for 1-2 years but it all depends on you.If you connect lot of devices it will consume more memory on the extender in result it will heat more .


  • The life span of a wi fi range extender totally depends on the usage of the device and how it is configured like if a extender is plugged into a extension cord or surge protector then in that case you will find more heating problem that will reduce life of extender so if a extender is properly plugged into a wall socket and properly configured it might work upto 2-3 years without any problem.


Written by John Ahnen
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