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  • As you have mentioned that your Netgear R7000 router is resetting itself frequently kindly check few things here:-
    1. your router should be directly plugged into a wall socket some time it happens because of power glitches (don’t use extension cords or surge protectors).
    2. check for the firmware updates if pending kindly update it.
    3. check the power cord is it properly connected .
    4. if there is any kind of power outage at your place frequently.
    5. router should be properly configured.
    if problem still persists kindly reset your router by using paper clip and re setup the device.
    To re setup the router kindly follow these steps:-
    You need to plug in a cable from your existing modem to internet port of your router.
    after connecting this cable connect a cable from port no-4 of your router to your computer. then follow these steps:
    1. Press windows + R key that will open run window for you.
    2. Type CMD in the run box.
    3. Open Ipconfig and check network statistics.
    4. Open your default gateway in any browser.
    5. Type your user name and password .
    6. that will open a setup wizard for you so follow the steps and you are good to go.
    7. while following the setup wizard kindly make sure the settings you are choosing is correct
    i.e time zone and wireless network name and key.
    8. kindly upgrade the router firmware as well if there is any update pending over there.
    For any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.


Written by John Arnold
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