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  • The speed of internet depends on a few factors–the protocol, the power, the frequency, interference, etc. NETGEAR R 6400 router which you are using must give you the network range upto 35 metre/115 feet but this is what we can say theoretical part as range might vary as per construction of place. so the speed which you should get depends on few factors:
    1. The plan which you have opted from your internet service provider.
    2. The distance of the device on which you are accessing internet from your router.
    3. Configuration of the device .
    4. construction of place might be a reason of slow speed.
    5. if Router firmware is not upgraded that can also cause slow internet speed.
    By considering all these factors you can find the speed of your internet.
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  • Eliminate dead zones from a location?

    :- Installing the router at such a location may require many factors to be considered.
    :-Factors like interference by the external sources.
    :- And the external sources can be brick walls, microwave, or even a regular cordless phone.
    :-The direction, angle of the antenna and position of the router where it is kept could make a difference.
    :-If firmware is not upgraded it might be the reason for internet speed.

    Go through and you will be able to get much better speed.
    For additional help call us at 1-800-603-4024.


Written by Mark Donielson
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