Lyric water detector not hooking up with wifi

Wayne Bystrzycki
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i am trying to connect my honeywell water detector on wireless but its notconnecting and saying wrong password .....already tried alll troubleshooting steps for wifi ...what should i do?

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    As you have mentioned that you had already tried few troubleshooting steps for connecting this device on wireless
    -Go ahead and insert the paper clip in the reset hole and hold it down there for 15 secs
    -Now blue led starts blinking there and at this time you need to pair your device with bluetooth connection.
    -Once paired blue led will remains solid.
    -Now you need to connect your device with wireless connection and while making connections green light starts blinking.
    -Once it is connected green light will become solid again.
    -If connected over wifi you are good to go otherwise you can try to change the name and password of wireless and then connect it again.
    -Still you need any help you can dial us at 1800-603-4024


  • Steps to follow –
    1.Download and install Lyric app from store .
    2.Open the app and register yourself first then go Menu and Add a device.
    3.Make sure your device Bluetooth is enable .
    4.Now put the batteries into the detector .
    -Once you put the batteries it will start detecting near by device via Bluetooth.
    5.Under add device now you will see Lyric water leak and freeze detector .
    6.Put your location and hit next .Now add custom name.
    7.You will hear a alert sound and LED will get blue which means its paired .
    8.Now hit next and configure your WiFi from the list and tap configure .


  • To install Lyric water leak and freeze detector kindly follow these steps:-
    1. First download and install The lyric app on your mobile phone from google store or app store.
    2. After installation launch the app and register for the services and then go to menu and add new
    3. make sure bluetooth should be enabled on your mobile.
    4. now insert the batteries in detector so that it can be turned on and detect the devices near by.
    5. under add device now select lyric water leak and freeze detector.
    6. provide location for detector so that it can pair with app.
    7. You will hear a sound when it will be paired and detector led will turn solid blue.
    8. Create any custom name for detector.
    9. Now choose your network name from the available network list and enter the network
    10. When it will be connected to wifi detector light will turn solid green for 5 minutes and then it
    will be off to preserve the power.
    11. After then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.


Written by Wayne Bystrzycki
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