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  • To change the network name and password of your Linksys WRT1900AC ROUTER you need to follow these steps:-
    1. Press windows + R key that will open run window for you.
    2. Type CMD in the run box.
    3. Open Ipconfig and check network statistics.
    4. Open your default gateway in any browser.
    5. Type your user name and password .
    6. It will open router main page then you need to go to wireless section .
    7. Under wireless section you can change network name under ssid section and
    passphrase/network key.
    8. save the settings and connect your devices with new password.
    if you dont know the admin password of your router to login to main page just reset the router and re setup the device.
    for any help feel free to call us back on 1-800-603-4024.

  • :-Connect your computer with router.
    :-Type cmd in run box.
    :-Check default gateway and note down the ip address.
    :-Open any internet browser and type in address bar and hit enter.
    :-Log into your router page
    :-Click on wireless.
    :-Change network ssid and passphrase
    :-Click apply
    :-Now connect iphine with new network name and password.
    :-For additional help call us at 1-800-603-4024..

  • Simply connect a ethernet cable from the router to the computer.
    -Open your browser and type -http://linksyssmartwifi.com or .
    -Login with access password which you setup if not then check on the bottom for default.
    -On the linksys Dashboard Hit Wireless.
    -On the Wireless tab you can change the name or password individually for 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Written by PAMELA
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