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  • Troubleshooting steps :-
    Open device manger on computer
    Press win+r keys a run box will come up at the left bottom on computer display
    Type there devmgmt.msc and click ok
    Device manager window will appear
    Click on network adapter
    Right click on wireless adapter
    Click uninstall
    Restart your computer to make changes
    Once you reboot the computer it wll automatically install network driver
    Now you can configure your extender..
    For additional help dial 1-800-603-4024


  • As you mentioned your linksys extender is not working with frontier router modem you need to check few things here:-

    1. you have mentioned that network driver was not updated so you need to update them. to update drivers you need to go to device manager of computer and then uninstall the wireless network driver and then just restart you r computer it will be updated automatically when your computer will be turned on.
    2. you need to check firmware updates of your router as well .
    3. you need to check distance between your router and extender ideally it should be in between 25-30 feet.
    if problem still persists you need to reset your extender and re setup the device. to re setup your extender you need to follow these steps:-
    there are several ways to connect your netgear extender i.e ethernet cable method ,wps method and many more but i am sharing wps method here for wps method you need to follow these steps:-
    1. connect your extender in a direct wall socket near by your router for setup.
    2. press wps button on your extender for 3-5 seconds.
    3. press wps button on your router (you can do it by accessing router main page also).
    4. it will be connected to your routers network.
    5. you will se your network name with ext affixed in it.
    6. connect to the same network .
    7. it will open a setup wizard for you.
    8. follow the on screen instructions and you are good to go now.
    (if problem still persists you can reset your device.)
    for any question & query feel free to call us on 1-800-603-4024


  • If its not working setup is not done properly so reset youre extender and set it up using this guide.

    Setting up Linksys extender is really easy using WPS button. Here are the steps you will need to follow,
    •First you will need to place the Linksys extender near to your router and then plug in the power to WiFi extender.
    •Press the WPS button located at the Netgear extender and then press the wps button your router, within two minutes, Linksys extender will connect itself with the existing network.
    •You will notice that the LED status will be solid green.
    Once your Linksys extender is connected with the existing network you can place the WiFi extender where the dead zones are at your location.


Written by Frank Bishop
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