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HUAWEI Unveils Smart Eyeware Glasses

HUAWEI Unveils Smart Eyeware Glasses

Have you ever thought of optimal glasses or sunglasses as earphones? Well, probably not but that definitely sounds amazing, right? Huawei recently announced that it is partnering with Korean fashion brand and pop culture influencer Gentle Monster to produce a line of smart eyewear glasses that people might be willing to wear it in public. Gentle Monster is a luxury eyewear Asian company that is known for its experimental designs; its showroom’s look more like the art galleries, which were shown by the CEO Hankook Kim onstage as he introduced the Huawei smart sunglasses in Paris.

The company aims that the Huawei gentle monster smart glasses will replace earphones in future. These smart glasses is said to be a combination of fashion and technology. Gentle Monster eyewear is an alternative to earbuds for taking calls and other hands-free tasks. The smart glasses will be launched with different designs and targeted for both male and female users. The glasses don’t have any camera which allows them to look more like sunglasses and traditional glasses.

What makes the glasses smart?

The smart eyewear glasses come with built-in speakers accompanied by dual-mic and voice-assistant. The device has minimalist design as it ditches buttons and pin that allows the user to only tap the temple of the glass. To help reduce noise, it also incorporates dual microphones with beam-forming technology. Aided by artificial intelligence, Huawei audio eyewear can make your voice even clear in the crowd.

The smart Gentle Monster eye wear is IP67 dust and water resistant that will it make it easy to manage in all the weather conditions. The eyewear will connect to the user’s phone with a Bluetooth like a smart watch. The eyewear components are packed inside the temple including two antennas, charging module, 2 mics, speaker and a 2,200 mAh battery. Plus, the glasses have two stereo speakers that are positioned right above your ears.

How will the Huawei Gentle Monster smart glasses change?

Well, you don’t have to plug the smart gentle monster eye wear in any socket or press the button. You can effortlessly charge it by wirelessly putting it inside the case holder. The case charges the Huawei audio eyewear with the help NFC or USB-C port. However, there has not been any word from the company regarding the price of the smart eyewear glasses.

Will it replace earphones?

The future version of smart Huawei audio eyewear might add more features but their sole function at the moment is listening or recording the audio. The glasses do look good and feel good and includes smart features. But will it really be able to replace earphones? That is something which only time will tell. But one thing that is notable is that Huawei smart sunglasses have opened doors to fashionable and innovative technology.

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