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Google’s Game Streaming Stadia

Everything You Need To Know Google’s Game Streaming Stadia

Just think about a world where you don’t need expensive gaming equipment to play your favorite games. You just need to open a browser, select a game and start playing. This could be true and the world of gaming can be change if Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform Stadia goes according to the plan. The Google stadia is predict to be the ‘Netflix of games’. It allows you to play your favorite games on all of your devices using powerful streaming technology.

What exactly is Google Stadia?

Stadia is the name of Google’s game streaming platform which allows you to play video games on virtually on any device. This includes computers, laptop, tablets, and phones- just the pixel series to start. It is promised that Google game streaming stadia is the equivalent of a console running at 10.7 GPU teraflops, which is more than Xbox One X and PS4 Pro combine. It is believed to get better with time. Also it will allow you stream games in up to 4K quality and 60 frames per second.

How Google Stadia Works?

As long as you have got a stable and fast internet connection, and you’re using a recent version of Google Chrome browser, everything will be up and running. Playing a game on Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform is as simple as opening a new tab in the chrome browser and going to the homepage. You will have to pay a monthly fee to access the top-tier game streaming service. Also, you will have to purchase a game separately to play them.

You will have to use a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad to play stadia and Google’s stadia gamepad seems particularly smart. The gamepad will itself connect to Google’s cloud reducing the lag between your inputs being registered by the game. Along with this, Google game streaming stadia will also support cross-platform multiplayer.

Pricing and Availability

Google Stadia is expected to be launch in November this year for those who purchased the Stadia founder’s edition. Initially, the service will be available on TV via chromecast ultra, as well as laptops and desktops and Google Pixel phones. The founder’s edition will be available for $129 which includes three months Stadia pro subscription, a Chromecast Ultra, stadia controller, a three-month buddy pass to bring a friend along and a chance to select a stadia name.

The Stadia Pro is a standard subscription edition which will cost $10 a month which will include 4K gaming with 60 frames per second, HDR and 5.1 surround sound.

Later in the year 2020, there will also be a Stadia base which will be the free version of Stadia supporting 1080p resolution. You can play any purchased on Stadia.

The Google pro will be available across 14 countries including the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Finland, France. Also Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and the U.K. this November.

The Final Word

Google is currently working on expanding the availability of other countries as well. More countries will be add in the year 2020.

Stadia either could shake up the gaming industry or it could flop. With a few announcements of Google stadia price and availability. It’s still hard to predict how Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform will catch on. We are still curious to know all the extra features of Google Stadia which are yet to be announce.


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