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What is Magic Leap One Headset?

Finally, your wait is over for Magic Leap, the all-new product which already succeeded in creating magic in the world of innovation. This new technology knows how to grab people’s attention.  We can say, Innovation at its best. Magic Leap is an extra-ordinary AR headset. No doubt we all have used AR headsets in the past. So, what’s new we can get in the Magic Leap handset?  This is a light wear handset that uses sensors and camera to see the world around Magic Leap handset user. By this, it enables interaction with the enlarged authenticated projection via the headset’s lenses. In short, whatever you see in actually can be interacted with headset’s lenses. So, get ready in 2018 for Magic leap reality headset.


What Actually Magic Leap One Headset Is?

Magic Leap One Headset looks like a duo of revolutionary swimming specs. Don’t go on its looks, it is far more than a usual swimming spec. Magic Leap One Headset is attached by a wire to a PC attachment which is also known as Light pack. You can attach it to the rear of your trousers or into the packet.

Magic Leap One Headset Glasses

The glasses in the handset come in two sizes. The nose pieces, forehead pad, and temple pads are customized to provide full comfort to the users. There is also an option of ordering prescription lenses.

Audio Quality

The Audio quality of Magic Leap One Headset is quite clear. It has built-in microphones to provide three-dimensional sound. On the other hand, the handset has six eternal cameras that are best at tracking a user position & movement.

6DOF Controller

You can control your Magic Leap One Headset easily with the help of 6DOF Controller. It comes with the handset and very easy to use. It is also called degrees of freedom which also has a hap-tic pointer.  Your usual mobile VR headsets have 3DOF controls, but Magic Leap One Headset has a higher graph in terms of innovation.


Now, not only play games but feel them all thanks to Magic Leap One Headset. The Device is ready to give you out of the world experience with game play and characters.  Now, it’s up to you what level of gaming experience you can handle?


 As per company sources, the Pre-order and pricing will come together, so you have to wait for more time. We can only say, get ready to enjoy a whole new experience of physical world via a headset with see-through lenses.

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