Comparing Echo and Google home on 5 parameters

Amazon introduced Echo devices powered by Alexa, the ‘Jarvis’ like assistant we all wanted. It has been slowly but steadily taking its place in the homes since earlier this year. Echo devices come in a number of choices and have been received pretty well in the households across many countries. It was gliding smoothly until Google; its clear competitor released the Google Home devices which directly aim to do what Echo devices did. This, however, caused a little confusion for people as they became torn between what to buy and what to leave behind. So, to help people make a better decision, we are here with 5 comparisons between the Amazon and Google devices to settle the Google home vs. Amazon Alexa argument.

Amazon Alexa

  1. Streaming Services:

    Echo: The audio services owned by Amazon run seamlessly on it and works beautifully as a Bluetooth speaker for all any external source or device.

    Google Home: Works well with Google services including YouTube and can act as the Chromecast speaker too.

    Verdict: It’s a tie. While the Amazon devices work beautifully with the Amazon services, Google does the same with the services running on Google.
  2. Speaker Quality:

    Echo: The Echo devices sound brilliant. You can just fall in love with Alexa speaking through the Echo devices. Adding a Echo dot to the mix will bring out the best of sounds while playing music.

    Google Home: It was built to be a speaker and less a talker. If you like a little extra bass you will love it, though the overall experience is average.

    Verdict: Echo devices are the clear winner here with better music quality and an ability to understand each word well.
  3. Digital Assistant:

    Echo: Alexa turns out to be great as an assistant. The multiple services it supports, adding events and the ability to order directly off of Amazon makes it really powerful.

    Google Home: Using Google Keep and Google express will give you an edge if you decide to own a Google Home device as the manageability becomes rather easy.

    Verdict: The winner here would be Echo with its beautifully crafted services and the ability to help you shop. Google Home seems too distant and cold.
  4. Answering Questions:

    Echo: To find answers, Alexa would need the support of third-party websites to answer your questions. While it looks simple, it’s a rather ugly process, seeing Alexa go through that.

    Google Home: The next to god powerful search engine of Google, powers this device and retrieves answers fast and accurate just like we how we expect Google to perform.

    Verdict: There obviously wasn’t any competition whatsoever with the Google search standing in the way. The Google Home devices are fast and accurate in retrieving search results and leave Alexa miles behind.
  5. Control of Smart Homes:

    Echo: Echo devices, right off the bat can handle an unending list of devices and platforms. The ease with which they control the same is seemingly great too. It feels like asking a family member to do the task Alexa does and the tone again feels too ‘Human’.

    Google Home: It can definitely support devices but the extent of the control is not as much as Alexa’s.

    Verdict: Alexa with its wide the wide range of devices it can control performs way better than Google Home does. Even the smart devices that you own at your home right now will not be compatible with Google Home but I bet, Alexa would have control over them.

Thus with the results in 5 basic parameters, Alexa takes the win over Google home with a score of 3-1 and a tie. Amazon has worked way too hard for their smart home assistant Alexa to be defeated by Google’s assistant. It still is only the start of the race and we don’t know what Google has planned for the long run but as of now, owning the Amazon Echo device would fare pretty well for you. Thus between Google home vs. Amazon Alexa, pick up Amazon Alexa.

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