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September; mark the date as arguably the fastest smartphone by one of the best gaming company in the world will be reportedly launched in the world. The Asus ROG phone, powered by some of the most inconceivably powerful features has been revealed by The Mobile Indian to be launched in India soon too, according to sources which are close to the development team.

This is the first time any update regarding the latest Asus ROG phone’s release date has been revealed and it’s exciting to a lot of hungry gamers across the world that are looking for a platform which outperforms the existing mobile phone gaming devices. The Asus ROG Phone launch date has still not been confirmed but as mentioned before, would be launched somewhere in September in the Indian Market and thus to the entire world too.


Jumping quickly to what it has to offer, back on June 4, it was revealed that this little device would be powered with a lot of special features and would include a powerful combination of some of the best hardware specification in the market available today. The Asus ROG phone specs include:

  • Processor:  2.96GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Display: 6 inch HD+ AMOLED HDR display
  • Screen refresh rate: 90Hz with a response time of 1ms
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 128GB or 512 GB
  • Connectivity: 802.11ad with Bluetooth 5
  • Audio: Dual front-facing stereo speakers 7.1-channel virtual surround sound headphone jack

To enter this competitive market of gaming phone, Asus powered its device with the most powerful mobile processor i.e. the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is known to clock at somewhere close to 2.96GHz. Along with these powerful Asus ROG phone specs, it is also loaded with tons of other assisting features. The most impressive one is the ‘X-Mode’ that allows the phone to feel the intensity of the gaming session and act accordingly. As you press and squeeze the sides of the phone, its starts to morph itself by changing the colour of its UI from a cool blue to a deep devilish red which first cover the sides from where it is being held, and then spreads across the screen, evenly. Though this looks to be completely presentational, a lot of things start stirring in the background too.

The background apps running alongside any game are immediately shut down to release power which is stored in the previously occupied memory slots. The AeraActive cooler, an additional fan accessory compatible with the Asus ROG phone also starts running with the X mode activated on it.

Audio and USB (Type C) ports have been repositioned to rest towards the right side of the phone to allow an undisturbed gaming experience while the phone is either charging or when you are immersed in the power audios this device can pump out.

asus game


Along with the powerful Asus ROG phone, Asus also unveiled a number of accessories that truly provide a never before seen gaming experience for a mobile gaming device; which is also a phone. This includes:

  • Dual-Screen Handheld Dock; to allow effective streaming and gaming experience by providing better control with a second screen added to it.
  • Desktop-style Gaming Dock; which allows the device to perform all the calculations while the PC input devices let you control intricate controls of the game.
  • Big-Screen Gaming Dock; which turns your Mobile device into a portable console by allowing you to play heavy duty games which can be streamed to a bigger screen.

All of these docks will be separately sold and hopefully will be available to the world. The introduction of a mobile gaming device wasn’t a surprise as the number of mobile gamers in the world has been increasing rapidly and has made gaming one of the biggest and highest grossing industries of the world.

The Surprise reveal

asus surprise reveal

Standing today, world has $137.9 billion market of gaming and mobile gaming accounts to nearly 50% of that share. Each day the words like ‘Steam’, ‘Xbox’, ‘Play Station’ and ‘Gaming’ are being shared across social media platforms between increasing number of players and yet, it was the mobile gaming industry which has been leading the charts amongst all others.

An interesting reveal however was that the gaming industry in India has been gaining a lot of traction too and this fact is becoming more evident today, than it was ever before. The Indian gaming industry today is being backed by the giants like Alibaba, Tencent and Nazara. First-Person and mobile games have been clearly performing better in Indian markets and gaming industry has taken notice of it. For the same reason, we can see a big influx of money and devices in the Indian Gaming industry soon and Asus ROG phone is a big example of that since the reveal of the release date was first shared there.

If you are here or trying to search for ‘Asus ROG phone price in India’ on the internet, you will be disappointed as no official price quote has been mentioned yet. Still, with the kind of specs in this device, you can expect a significantly high Asus ROG phone price in India and the world. The phone is expected to cost somewhere around what a Razer phone costs in the UK i.e. £595.

We will be keeping a close eye on the same and will be updating you about any new development regarding the new Asus ROG phone. Stay connected with us on the Latest News section to know more.

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