Update Calix Router Firmware

How to Update the Calix Router Firmware?

Generally, Calix routers are one of the best network gateways that enhance the network speed and eliminate dead zones at your home. Similarly, users need to keep their router up to date for its enhanced functioning and to add new features. Additionally, users commonly need to be made aware of the Calix router firmware update which is essential for the betterment of this device. 

Moreover, updating the Firmware of your networking gadget is essential to secure your network and privacy from cyber threats. Additionally, it also adds new features to your router and boosts up its performance. Likewise, having the latest version of the Firmware will fix the internal errors and bugs inside your router.  Hence, if you are looking for assistance with how to update Calix router Firmware, then must read our guide.

Here, you get information regarding the importance of a Firmware update, steps to download, issues related to Firmware download, and how to fix them. Hence, stay focused on this post to know the entire process!

Why do we need to Update the Calix Router Firmware?

Additionally, the router firmware update is necessary to fix different issues and update it with new features. Here, we mention the reasons for the necessity of the Calix router firmware update. 

  • Fixes bugs and internal glitches
  • Adds latest features to the router
  • Improves security and privacy
  • Enhances router compatibility
  • Boosts router performance
  • Smooth device connectivity

How to Check the Current Firmware Version for your router?

It is quite easy to check the latest firmware on your router by visiting the settings. In this section, we will explain the simple steps to find out whether your router firmware needs to be updated or not: 

  • Initially, ensure that your router and laptop are connected to the internet.
  • Next, open the web browser and enter your router’s IP address.
  • After that, type your username and password to access the admin panel.
  • Now, visit Settings and then click on “Advanced Settings.”
  • It could be the “Maintenence” tab in some Calix models.
  • Hereon, click the Firmware Update option
  • You must check the Firmware options as per the router model that you have.
  • Download the recent version of the Firmware.

Steps to update Calix router firmware

Moreover, before you start the Calix router firmware update process, must check in settings whether the update is available or not. If it is shown, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To begin with, ensure your Calix router is powered on.
  • Next, connect the router network to the computer.
  • Now, open the web browser and type the IP to access the login page.
  • Hereon, enter your login details and click on Login
  • Further, click on Maintenance and find Update or Firmware Update.
  • Next, tap on the Choose File and download the recent and compatible firmware version relevant to your router model. 
  • Finally, follow the given instructions and click on Upload to update the Firmware. 
  • Now, reboot your router and it works smoothly with the latest functions.

How to troubleshoot the common issues of Firmware download?

Moreover, users sometimes face issues while they are updating the firmware of their Calix router. Likewise, problems can occur, or the process to update Calix router Firmware can get interrupted if there is a power outage or the user shuts down their system. Besides this, several other facts are responsible for the disruption of this process. Let’s have a look:

  • Users play games or do any other activity while the process continues.
  • Insufficient power supply.
  • The network connection is not stable.
  • User shut down their Windows system.
  • Downloads an incompatible version of the Firmware.
  • Unable to access the login page.
  • Forget to connect the router network to the computer.

Fix-outs for Firmware issues

  • Ensure that your router and smart device are powered on.
  • There is sufficient power supply to the router and the computer.
  • The internet connection is stable.
  • Always use accurate admin credentials to access the login page.
  • Do not perform any activity while the process is continuing.
  •  Make sure your router network is connected to the computer.
  • Never shut down or enable sleep mode while you are downloading or uploading the Firmware.
  • If you see any internal glitches, then reboot your Calix router and start the procedure again.

On the whole

All in all, the brief guide we share with you for the Calix router firmware update will surely assist you with the procedure. Likewise, here you find the complete steps to carry on and finish the process easily. Additionally, if you face any issues with this process, then must walk through the troubleshooting section. As mentioned above, a router Firmware update is necessary to enhance its performance and to add new features. So, if you still seeking help, then you must drop us a line here!

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