Top 5 Best Processors

Top 5 Best Processors 2018

So this article aims to update you about top 5 Best Processors 2018 that would be helping you to choose one of the fastest processor in the world. Picking the best processor is one of the difficult choices that you make when buying a new laptop or desktop PC. Whether you are building or upgrading a new PC, the processor matters a lot. Increased clock speeds and core counts provide smoother game play and a more responsive system that can make a huge difference in overall performance. If you are also looking for the best budget gaming cpu then go through the entire article and you will get the list of top 5 best cpu 2018.

Top 5 Best Processors 2018:

  1. Intel Core i7 8700K:

One of the best cpu 2018 is the Intel Core i7 8700K. From gaming to virtual reality to high-speed streaming, the 8700K can process it all. The Intel Core i7 8700K is at the head of top 5 Best Processors 2018 with six cores, 12 threads and higher frequencies which make it the fastest processor in the world. It can deliver up to 50 percent more power than its predecessors.

Clock speeds: 3.7 GHz                                                                TDP: 95W

Cache: 12 MB Smart Cache                                                    Threads:  12

Cores: 6

  1. Intel Core I7-7820X:

If you are a video editor then the Intel Core I7-7820X is the best choice for you. This CPU is another great entry into the Core X-Series and one that will make sense for a lot of people. This processor is multitasking and a workhorse for multithreaded apps. Users can handle video editing as well as browsing, creating spreadsheets or writing papers.

Clock speeds: 3.6 GHz                                                                TDP: 140W

Cache: 11 MB L3                                                                        Threads:  16

Cores: 8

  1. Intel Core i5-8400:

If you are building one of the best cpu for gaming 2018, the Intel Core i5-8400 processor is one of the top 5 Best Processors 2018 you will find. The CPU includes an Intel UHD Graphics 630 chip for incredible graphics. It is a more stable CPU environment in gaming sessions and increased overall performance. The Core i5 is the best Intel processor for gaming & suitable for most tasks, even heavy gaming.

Clock speeds: 2.8 GHz                                                                TDP: 65W

Cache: 9 MB                                                                              Threads:  6

Cores: 6

  1. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X is the flagship AMD processor. The 8 cores and 16 threads inside the CPU, make it the best cpu for gaming 2018. This processor is specifically designed for gamers, media streamers, and everyday users. If you’re streaming video at high resolutions, bitrates, and quality settings then this Ryzen processor is the best choice for you.

Clock speeds: 4.3 GHz                                                               TDP: 105W

Cache: 20 MB L2+L3                                                                Threads:  16

Cores: 8

  1. AMD Thread ripper 1950X:

AMD Thread ripper 1950X is one of the best amd processor for gaming that is currently ruling the market. It features 16 cores and 32 threads, making it a multitasking powerhouse which is capable of delivering high single or multi-thread performance. Its base clock speed of 4.0GHz can be boosted up to 4.2GHz, making this CPU well-suited to heavily threaded applications like video and photo editing.

Clock speeds: 4.0 GHz                                                               TDP: 180W

Cache: 32 MB L3                                                                       Threads:  32

Cores: 16

With this, list of top 5 Best Processors 2018 is completed. Some of the above-mentioned processors perform seriously well and you will not be disappointed with any of them at all. The next section of the top 5 devices will be posted soon so watch this section closely!

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