OnePlus 6 Smartphone launch date and Features

If you are a fan of OnePlus smartphones then this news is for you. As we all know One Plus 5T was the most searchable and appreciated smart phone of 2017 and which has given hope to user to get another tech bonanza for them in form of advanced smartphone. So that dream is about to complete as OnePlus is ready to launch its most awaited phone of year 2018 “OnePlus6” on 16 May -based on best of our knowledge. Feeling thrilled and excited, yes you must be as this phone has given goose bumps and day dreaming to many smartphone users.  Till now there are only rumors about it looks and specification but those rumors are very much close to the exact information. One Plus 6 has become talk of the town before its launch because of its official teasers and so many leaks. This smart phone is designed to combine the fastest speed with trendiest looks.  One Plus 5T will be replaced by OnePlus6 and will surely become a flagship device. One Plus 6 will replace all the leading smartphones from bog brands as it will give all luxury features in an affordable price range. Let take a look on some of the featured of this awesome phone.

OnePlus6 Features-

This phone is rumored to design with more than 6.28” of screen with 1080*228 pixels resolution. As one plus phones are known for their high speed processors so it is very well assumed that One Plus 6 will also be launched with Octa-core processor. Hopefully it will not lag in internal memory and may be come with 8 GB RAM. To give you more flexibility to store data and experience the more joy this phone will cross the bar of storage and will come with 128 GB internal storage but which cannot be expanded. One Plus 6 will be launched with Android OREO 8.1 version and probably will give you the power of 3500 mAh. Camera will be the show stealer for the beautiful phone; buzz is all about for its camera as OnePlus is giving 22 MP primary camera and 16MP selfie camera.

Advanced features of OnePlus 6-

This phone will give all kind of smart connectivity which will include Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. In this phone you may get advance sensors like proximity sensor accelerometer and light sensor etc. All these advance features will surely create a huge gap between oneplus6 and other existing brands in same price range.

Look and design of OnePlus 6-

As we know OnePlus co-founder Mr Carl Pei has tweeted for OnePlus6 and also confirmed about the retention of headphone jack. Besides this with this phone OnePlus is supposed to enter into the world of wireless headphones which will give an enhanced experience to the users. One more leak is there for this phone OnePlus6 Bullet Wireless headphones which will actually create a remarkable difference between oneplus6 and other brands.

Most probably this phone will come with metallic or glass design look. The newly leaked images also ‘confirm’ that the OnePlus 6 will support an edge-to-edge display  as iPhone X-style notch and will also be enabled with red-coloured Slider more like Google’s Pixel smartphones. This awesome phone will be lass with dual camera setup and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. 

Apart from all these features it is very well proved that OnePlus 6 will be a water resistant phone so next time when you want to use your phone in rain it will be a possible thing.

OnePlus 6 Smartphone launch date and Features

Price and Availability-

Well if we talk about the price then OnePlus 6 will keep it mysterious. It seems like the OnePlus 6 price will go on the highest node as the firm has never charged that high price for any of its smartphone. The latest price estimation for OnePlus 6 will be in between $520 (which is around £375, AU$690) for its 64GB model and $749 will be for its 256GB variant.

OnePlus 6 price as per the leaks shows it can be high up to $749(approx.).In India price will be in between 36000/- to 39000/-INR as a rough idea. If you really want to buy this phone then you have to wait a little bit. This phone will be initially be available on amazon on prior booking and later will be available in stores.

So if you are One Plus smartphone addict and ready to experience the new age technology in your mobile then this phone is an exceptional choice for you. Wait for this advanced technology loaded phone is worth as it is going to give great competition for existing leading brands. So get ready for a thrilled experience as OnePlus6 is ready to shake the Smartphone world.

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