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Best Wifi boosters 2017

What to look out when purchasing a Wifi booster?

The main thing to consider while buying a booster or extender is the Wifi standard. The latest is AC wireless standard and even AD has come now. The new standard comes with increasing speed. Also, consider the band frequency as there are now two bands in the Wifi extenders. One is older that is 2.4 GHz and another is 5 GHz band. If your router is having older standard than N then purchase a new one with a newer standard.

If you have a router that provides a speed of 400 Mbps then there is no need to purchase a wifi range extender that provides a speed of up to 1200 Mbps. No worth of spending this much amount then. Also, consider the number of Ethernet ports. Purchase an extender with four LAN ports or Ethernet port. This will ultimately increase the number of devices that can be connected to the extender.

We are providing features of the top 5 best extenders so that you can choose one from them.

  •    Tplink RE350 Wi-Fi range extender

    The easiest method to set up this extender is through the WPS push button. But if your router does not have one then you have to follow a long procedure. It also provides a high internet speed within the short range. You will get a single Ethernet port in this extender.

  •    Linksys RE6400 Wi-Fi extender

    This extender is considered to be the fastest extender but when you rate, this wifi extender got 7 points out of 10. Two external antennas help in providing the high speed to the users. An Ethernet port and on/off button is there on the extender. Talking about the setup, the setup is simple and easy through the web interface.

  •    WicommFi Wireless extender

    A Wifi booster that can work as a router, wifi repeater or access point. The setup is also very easy as it provides a QR code setup in which you have to scan the code and the setup is done. The maximum transmission speed is 750 Mbps. It is a dual band extender and having external antennas for providing better internet connectivity in all corners of the home. You can take it as an amazing extender for the home users.

  •    D-Link DAP 1320

    The cheapest Wifi booster round the clock. If a user wants more coverage then this extender is not for him. This will provide a little coverage and looks like a small adapter. A WPS button is given to set up the extender in few seconds. It only uses 2.4 GHz band to provide a speed of 300 Mbps.

  •     Asus RP-AC66

    This Wifi booster is expensive one. But the speed provided by this router is quite high. It delivers AC1750 Wi-Fi speeds and having one Ethernet port. On the front, there are three LED lights and some buttons. It can also act as an access point. The Setup is simple as any other. You can use the WPS setup method as well as the web interface setup method.

All the extenders mentioned here are the best in their features and quality. You have to select one according to the need and usage. All the best.

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