Royole released the world’s first foldable smartphone with iPhone price tag

Chinese technology unicorn, Royole Corporation released the world’s first foldable smartphone with the price tags in line with the latest iPhone flagships. The company that makes the world’s thinnest phones unveiled the world’s first foldable smartphone on Wednesday. The product is believed to be one of the best futuristic gadgets in the world.

Reading about the phones with foldable screens have always amazed us. However, the Royole Corporation could be the first company to win the race with its iPad Pro sized foldable smartphone that can be bent into a small paperback book. Called as “Flex Pai”, it comes with a 7.8-inch high-definition resolution screen with a thickness of 7.6 mm. The Flex Pai is a smartphone with the largest display size on the market today.

The phone that is made by the Chinese technology unicorn, Royole Corporation, doesn’t fold flat. The phone becomes pretty bulky when packed away and this becomes a thing of hassle. When folded, the screen of the phone gets little before picking upthe orientation and software also muck-ups. The display of the phone tends to flash a couple of times when bent.

In early September, the Samsung chief D.J. Koh said that this was “time to deliver” a smartphone with a foldable screen. Huawei Technologies also revealed that it will introduce flexible display on its next-generation handsets. During the Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia, Royole Corporation introduced a high-definition 2K resolution foldable display on Hats and T-shirts. This display could stream the content using the user’s phone or tablet.

This Chinese technology unicorn has featured the phone with Snapdragon 8 series chip. The Snapdragon 8 series chip will allow the phone to achieve higher download speeds and processing speeds. The introduction of snapdragon 8 series processor will make the phone little more expensive. As per the rumors, the price will be $1300 for the model with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. The price tag of the phone is more likely to be in line with the latest iPhone flagships.

Royole’s Flex Pai is likely to have some serious competition very soon. Samsung is also set to launch its flexible smartphone very soon. As per the rumors, the company will launch its flexible smartphone on its yearly developer conference.

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