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Will it be good to upgrade win8 to win 10?

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  1. Maximus.Ray

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    There are a lot of reasons to upgrade to windows 10 like:
    1. Windows 10 is the most secure: As Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most recent operating system, it gets plenty of regular updates such as the most recent Fall Creators Update. These boost Windows 10's security credentials - although nothing is ever 100% secure, your best bet really is Windows 10.
    2. Windows 10 has all the latest features: The most recent update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, introduced an all-new Photos app and Mixed Reality Viewer among other new features. Bigger updates come along around once or twice a year with bundles of new features – and best of all, these updates cost nothing.
    4. Windows 10 is faster: Windows 10 has a host of performance improvements that make your PC better in many ways. It's more efficient, which means laptop batteries will last that little bit longer when they're unplugged. It's also faster at waking up from sleep mode so you don’t have to wait around quite so long for your PC to be ready to use.
    5. Windows 8 was too different from Windows 7 and as a result users weren’t happy. In contrast, Windows 10 is based on the results of a huge testing programme called the Windows Insider Program, where users gave feedback on the features they liked and disliked.As a result, it's much more user friendly and much more familiar to anyone who's used to Windows XP or Windows 7.
    6. You'll need it for new hardware: The way Windows 10 works means that PCs that run it are capable of a wide range of exciting new tasks. Windows 10 is the only way to use the very latest graphics technology and so anyone who enjoys playing games on their PC will be missing out on the fun without it. You can also expect some new hardware to work only with Windows 10, such as Microsoft’s virtual reality headset HoloLens.


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