Apple’s AirPods Max Are Out and Here’s Our Take

Apple’s AirPods Max Are Out and Here’s Our Take

Apple’s long-anticipated AirPods Max- the over-ear headphones are finally out. Announced just two days ago, the product is available for ordering, however shippings are reported to start December 15 onwards. And as big as the name sounds, the cost is equally astonishing. At a $549 price tag, Apple gives you a pair of Airpods Max, a carrying case, and a charging cable but, yes, you guessed it- no charger!

Since the last few years Apple has shifted its sales strategy from focusing on attracting new customers to providing the existing ones with upgrades, and excluding the charger from the box is a part of it. While the likes of Apple are okay with the strategy, critics actually call the price and the products silly. Some have even argued over the practicality of the new Airpods Max case. There are also memes comparing the case with a bra, an eye mask or even a purse, which makes the topic quite amusing.

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No matter what one has to say, designwise, Apple AirPods Max are more of a class indicator, something that’s manufactured to be noticed. Adding to that, the features which Apple claims to have incorporated in its new headphones like the High-Fidelity Audio, Active Noise Cancellation with Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio for Theatre-like Surround Sound experience will only make them sound incredible.

Aesthetically, the headphones challenge conventions. The breathable knit mesh design canopy helps distribute the on-head pressure uniformly. The stainless steel frame has been covered with a soft-to-touch material to generate a perfect combination of strength and flexibility with comfort. The on-ear aluminum cups have been anodised and can be rotated independently. Apple will also be releasing replacements for them soon. You can get them at an extra cost of $69. Furthermore, on the ear cushions is a custom-designed mesh wrap which provides pillow-like softness so you can go on listening to music for long hours.

The Digital Crown on the right earcup which is similar to the one on the Apple Watch helps you control volume, shuffle between songs, answer phone calls and also activate Siri.

The internals have a pair of Apple’s H1 chips at core which helps bring the noise cancellation, adaptive audio, transparency mode and the adaptive EQ like features to life. And powering the core is a battery that stays alive up to 20 hours of all features enabled.

Just like the AirPods and the AirPods Pro the AirPods Max allows for automatic switching. They detect when they are on your head with the help of the optical and the position sensors. The one-tap setup followed by automatic pairing with all your Apple devices makes using these headphones a breeze. And we’re sure you will love using them.

No matter Bose and Sony releases high-end headphones much under $300, using the ones from Apple is surely going to make you stand out, hopefully for good reasons.

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